For your safety (and our protection). 


  • No swearing, banging a club into hard surfaces - or throwing clubs! (You know who you are.)
  • Do not attempt "Happy Gilmore" style shots. Seriously.
  • No alcohol, or outside food/drinks.
  • No metal spiked golf shoes.
  • Soft spiked golf shoes are permitted, granted they are clean.
  • Please clean your clubs before using our facility.
  • You are welcome to use your own golf balls, but please only use balls that have not been marked with any pen marks.


  • Only one player may be in the hitting area at a time.
  • Please watch out for flying tees!
  • Always check your surroundings before taking a swing - practice or otherwise.
  • Only hit from the designated hitting area.
  • Only hit towards the impact screen.
  • Do not attempt to move or adjust any of the launch monitor equipment without the assistance of an employee.
  • Report and issues or accidents to management immediately.